Sunday, July 12, 2009

In-Town Clubs

<span class= If we can get several stampers together we can do a monthly club. It runs like this: we each take turn being a hostess. To get enough orders to qualify each club member needs to commit to buying a certain amount of SU product. The monthly amount depends on how many members we can get to commit and join. To qualify for hostess awards each hostess has to have at least $150.00 in sales. So, if we had ten club members each would (the least amount) have to purchase $15.00 in product before shipping and tax. I'd provide cards and projects you can do in kit form or at my house, and a punch card that when you purchase $200.00 in product you get $15.00 in free product from me. We would take turns at being the hostess, so depending on how many members we get. Twelve members would equal one time a year as a hostess, but that also means higher sales and more free product.You get a free Biggie Idea catalog, a special blog for member's only with videos and extra samples. I will offer a 3 month, 6 month, 12 month or every other month club. Please call me for this club for in-town members: 605-343-9728